23rd January 2024

Elton John’s UK Perfect Online Replica Cartier Crash And Leopard Daytona Watches Lead Sale Of Music Legend’s Eclectic Collection

Every one of the 31 watches that will be offered as part of the sale of Elton John’s collection “Goodbye Peachtree Road,” feels so perfectly Elton John. Each makes a wink towards tradition – there’s a Rolex Daytona, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and several top Cartier replica watches, among others – but they all take this foundation and then add Sir Elton John’s characteristic glamor, and a little bit of glitter. 

Beginning on February 21, Christie’s will hold a series of eight sales auctioning property from Elton John’s former home in Atlanta. The “Goodbye Peachtree Road” sales showcase Sir Elton’s eclectic collection of photographs, art, fashion, costumes, and UK luxury fake watches.

Sir Elton John’s watch collection may be only 31 of the 921 total lots to be sold in the auction, but it perfectly encapsulates his taste for the theatrical and features a bit of everything. It’s colorful, but if you look past the diamonds, gems, and leopard patterns, there’s also an obvious appreciation for the classics. 

“When Elton goes down the rabbit hole with something, he goes very deep and immerses himself,” John’s husband, the Canadian-British filmmaker David Furnish, told Christie’s. “He’s like a sponge, soaking up as much information as he can.”

Here are a few of the high quality replica watches highlights from John’s Goodbye Peachtree Road sale. 

Rolex ‘Leopard’ Daytona Replica Watches

When Rolex released the cheap fake Rolex “Leopard” Daytona watches (ref. 116598SACO) in 2004, they might as well have shipped one straight to Peachtree Road. It’s gold and wild and has 36 orange sapphires in the bezel, another 48 diamonds in the lugs, and the matching leopard-print dial and strap. But it’s still a Daytona, i.e., one of the most classic chronographs of all time. 

Interestingly, while the watch was released in 2004, John’s has a K serial dating it to 2001, as is the case with some of these Leopard Daytonas. Christie’s has an estimate of $40,000–60,000 on John’s Leopard Daytona. But, it’s one of three best copy watches to be offered in the opening night sale, so I guarantee it’ll…roar…past that estimate. 

Cartier Paris Crash Fake Watches (1991)

When I saw that Elton John had AAA replica Cartier Crash watches, I thought to myself, of course, Elton John has a Cartier Crash. It’s so perfect. If I rattled off a few descriptors – bold, expressive, surreal, born in London – they could apply to Sir Elton just as much as the Crash. Sure, it’s still one of the hottest 1:1 China super clone watches in the world, but I imagine, as was typically the case, John was ahead of the curve. 

Sir Elton’s Crash is from the Cartier Paris 1991 limited edition run of 400, a slightly smaller take on the Crash compared to the original London examples. Christie’s has an estimate of $70,00–$100,000 on Sir Elton’s Crash, but given that the price for a standard Paris Crash is about 2x that estimate, no doubt it’ll surpass that estimate. 

Diamond-Set Replica Cartier Tank Normale Watches

The last Swiss made replica watches that’s included in the opening night of the Goodbye Peachtree Road sale is a custom Cartier Tank Normale from Cartier Paris with 20 baguette diamonds in the bezel and another 16 blue baguette sapphires on the dial. The crown and deployant clasp are also set with diamonds. 

Not unlike the Crash, the wholesale fake Cartier Tank Normale watches has been one of the hottest shapes in Cartier’s deep catalog of shape-shifting, especially since the release of the Privee Normale last year. But here’s John with a custom Tank Normale from the year 2000, when no one was thinking about the Normale (literally – even Cartier never thought to recreate a Normale in its CPCP collection from 1998–2008). 

This custom Normale has an estimate of $20,000 to $30,000, which means about as much as the points in that old show Whose Line Is It Anyway? Interestingly, the mysterious dealer Johnson on Instagram posted a watch that looks very similar a few weeks ago.

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