5th March 2024

The Complete Guide To Formula 1 UK Best Replica Watches Sponsors In 2024

Watch brands have a long and storied history of sponsoring major sports events around the world. Omega has served as the official timekeeper of the Olympics for decades. Tissot is the official timekeeper of the NBA. Longines has long been the official timekeeper and cheap replica watches of the Kentucky Derby (and many other equestrian events). Rolex sponsors the ATP Tour, all of the major PGA tournaments and both the 24 Hours at Le Mans and at Daytona. Tudor, Panerai and Omega all sponsor teams in the America’s Cup, with Omega also serving as the official timekeeper for the race.

But no sport is as intertwined with the world of top UK fake watches as motorsports, and that’s especially true when it comes to Formula 1 racing. F1’s mixture of high-octane action and global glamour, along with its popularity with the well-heeled jetset, make it the perfect partner for luxury watch brands, which also pride themselves on performance and operate in rarified air financially.

2024 Official F1 Watch Sponsors

Official Timepiece of F1: Rolex

Rolex doesn’t sponsor any specific F1 team. Instead, the most famous watch brand in the world sponsors the entire F1 organization, serving as the global partner and official timepiece of the F1 World Championship since 2013. And the partnership makes a ton of sense, as perfect Rolex replica watches has a long and storied history not just with F1, but with motorsports in general.

On the F1 side, Rolex has had a relationship with three-time F1 World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart since 1968. Outside of F1, the brand famously sponsors the 24 Hours of Daytona race in Florida, from which its popular racing chronograph draws its name.

Red Bull Racing: TAG Heuer

Another obvious partner for F1, TAG Heuer perhaps has a stronger association with motorsports than any other watch brand. Heuer was a fixture at race tracks around the world in the 1960s and ’70s thanks to its popular Carrera, Monaco and Autavia chronographs. After the brand was bought by TAG in the 1980s, the newly formed company found huge success with its line of Formula 1 quartz copy watches for sale.

The brand’s F1 history runs deep. TAG and Heuer, both separately before their merger and together after becoming TAG Heuer, have sponsored a number of F1 teams dating back to the 1970s, including Ferrari, McLaren and Williams. It also served as the official timekeeper of F1 from 1991 — 2003, and in 2016 it became the luxury fake watches sponsor of Red Bull Racing. TAG and Red Bull have had a ton of success, with the team winning Constructors’ Championships in 2022 and 2023 and its star driver, Max Verstappen, dominating the field and winning the last three consecutive Drivers’ Championship.

Mercedes: IWC

IWC may not seem like the most natural partner for Formula One. Sure, it’s a popular luxury watch brand known mostly for its sports super clone watches for men and chronographs, but those watches tend to fall under the pilot or marine watch categories — the brand doesn’t really make any motorsports watches. But despite the seemingly unnatural pairing, high quality IWC replica watches has absolutely killed it when it comes to its partnership with Mercedes.

Since joining forces with Mercedes-AMG Petronas in 2023, IWC has released special-edition Swiss made fake watches in honor of the partnership on a fairly regular basis. These watches have mostly been well received, especially in recent years, as IWC has shown a knack for incorporating the racing team’s signature teal into its various product lines, particularly the Pilot’s Watch. Superstar Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has also been IWC’s most recognizable ambassador over the past decade, even helping to design best quality replica watches for the brand. 2024 will be the last year of Hamilton wearing IWC, however, as the driver will jump ship for Ferrari in 2025 and IWC has already stated that its allegiance is to Mercedes and not Hamilton.

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